Reputable Organizations that Support Israel


We have received inquiries from our members in our community about the many charities and funds that are collecting donations for Israel.  There are many worthy and legitimate funds being set up and the Vaad thought it might be useful to identify a few established organizations with good reputations.  They are listed below with links to their websites.  We are not endorsing one over another and we encourage you to look at their websites if you are not familiar with them before making your own decisions.

Our prayers are for peace and the safety of our sisters and brothers in Israel and for Jews all over the world at this time of grave threat.


Magen David Adom:

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Donate Now! - American Friends of Magen David Adom


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Friends of the IDF: Supporting the Israel Defense Forces


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The Lone Soldier Center:

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Jewish Federation of NNJ:

Israel Emergency Relief Fund


American Friends of NATAL: