Life Cycle

At Kol HaNeshamah, we celebrate with you in times of joy and accompany you in times of sadness. Ritual, whether traditional or incorporating modern practices, helps us mark the important milestones in life. We are ready to offer you guidance to navigate these momentous times, and offer a community with which to celebrate your joyous occasions and support you during your times of loss.

Brit Milah, Simchat Bat, and Naming Rituals- Rabbi Healey-Pollack will meet with parents to create a beautiful and meaningful brit milah, simchat bat or baby naming ceremony to welcome your child into the Jewish community, and will refer parents to a mohel (provider of ritual circumcision) as needed. Our community is eager to welcome your new baby and embrace your growing family.

B’nei Mitzvah - As an inclusive, egalitarian community, Kol HaNeshamah celebrates young people of all genders in reaching the age of mitzvot, traditionally 13 for boys and 12 or 13 for girls, as the family prefers. You and your child will work with the rabbi and your child’s tutor to plan an event that is right and meaningful for your family. Our b’nei mitzvah committee is dedicated to enhancing and making this occasion special and meaningful.

Adult B'nei Mitzvah - we encourage those who never had a bar or bat mitzvah to learn with our rabbi, and be called to the Torah as an adult bar or bat mitzvah. Having a bar or bat mitzvah as an adult is a joyous and spiritual experience, and we will work with you to make this day meaningful.

Weddings - Rabbi Healey-Pollack is delighted to work with couples in planning their wedding celebration. Rabbi Healey-Pollack will support you and your growing relationship throughout the planning process, and will meet with you to design a wedding celebration that is rooted in Jewish tradition and that is unique to you.

Conversion to Judaism - Kol HaNeshamah is a welcoming community that includes people of diverse backgrounds, including many Jews-by-choice. If you are interested in exploring conversion to Judaism, Rabbi Healey-Pollack is happy to meet with you to discuss your journey and guide you through the process.

Divorce - Rabbi Healey-Pollack will support you and your family as you navigate this transition and will assist you in obtaining or giving a get (Jewish divorce document).

Funerals and Shiva- Rabbi Healey-Pollack is available to support you and your family during times of grief and loss. She will meet with your family to help you navigate this difficult time and plan for a funeral service and shiva. Our community will ensure that there is a shiva minyan for both morning and evening shiva, in accordance with the wishes of the family, and provide leaders for those services if needed.

Additional Lifecycle Celebrations - While Jewish tradition offers rituals for many important moments in our lives, many people find it meaningful to use ritual to mark other significant occasions and transitions.. These may include illness and recovery, pregnancy, adoption, infertility, pregnancy loss, gender identity affirmation, and more. Rabbi Healey-Pollack is available to help you create a ritual that connects your experience with our tradition.

For information about any of these lifecycle events, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].