Our Prayer Books

At Kol HaNeshamah, the texts we use in our Shabbat and holiday services reflect our commitment to Conservative Judaism. We use the siddur Sim Shalom on Shabbat and holidays, the mahzor Lev Shalem on the High Holidays, and we follow the Torah reading in the Etz Hayim chumash.


Below are links for anyone who wishes to purchase these for home use:

Free Digital downloads are also available for many of these on the Rabbinical Assembly.

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Sim Shalom Siddur:

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Etz Hayim:

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Mahzor Lev Shalem:

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(These links are for Amazon; feel free to purchase from your local independent Judaica shop or directly from the Rabbinical Assembly at https://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/).

In addition, we welcome your donation of a siddur, mahzor or chumash to honor or remember someone.