Passover Resources from Our Rabbi and President


As Passover approaches, we want to provide our KH community with some special resources for your Passover Seder, assembled by the Rabbinic Assembly., which address the current situation in Israel and our brothers and sisters in captivity.

We also have a link to the usual annual Rabbinic Assembly Passover Kashrut guide.
May this Passover be a happy and meaningful one for you and your families and may all of Am Yisrael and all captives everywhere be liberated speedily in our day, bimherah b'yamenu.

Empty Chair Ritual Guide:

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Prayer for Hostages in Gaza:

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Additional Materials:

Pesah Additional Materials - Google Docs 

Pesah Kashrut Guide 5784:

Pesah-Guide-5784.pdf (

Rabbi Lindsey

Michael Blady, President