Passover Resources from Our Rabbi

As we look forward to celebrating Pesach, I would like to share some resources to assist you in your logistical and spiritual preparations for the holiday.

As always, if you have any questions or I can be helpful in any other way, please reach out to me by phone or email. I look forward to connecting with you!

Preparing for Pesach

Please see the Pesah guide from the Rabbinical Assembly for more information about cleaning and kashering your home for the holiday and Pesach-appropriate foods. You can watch these videos made by Rabbi Jeremy Markiz to learn more about Kashering a Kitchen.

If you have any additional questions as you prepare, please reach out to me at [email protected].

  • Sale of Chametz:

To appoint me as your agent for the sale of chametz, please complete this form by Tuesday, April 4th. It is customary to make a donation when you designate a representative to sell chametz on your behalf.

  • Maot Chittim - Providing for those in Need

It is special mitzvah before Pesach to ensure that all in our community have the food they need to celebrate the holiday. You can support those in need in the US and locally by donating to organizations such as Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Northern NJMazon,

  • Bedikat Chametz - Searching for remaining Chametz - Evening of Tuesday, April 4th

After cleaning and preparing our homes for the holiday, we conduct a final search for any remaining leavened products. **This one-page sheet includes text, instructions, and transliteration for the ritual of bedikat chametz and the biur chametz: Download the Search for Hameitz Sheet

  • Ta’anit bechorot - Fast of the first born - Wednesday, April 5th

Traditionally, all first-born children fast the day leading into the first night of Pesach. One can end a fast early if you participate in a siyum - a celebration of the completion of a significant portion of learning. Many synagogues in our area offer morning minyan and a siyum on this day.

  • Biur chametz - Morning of Wednesday, April 5th

Last time for eating chametz - 10:50 am (in Englewood)***

Burn or destroy any chametz in your possession by 11:54 am.

The Teaneck Jewish Center is hosting a communal bi’ur chametz - the Big Bread Burn, on Wednesday morning. The Fire Dept will be present to ensure safety.

***If you will be elsewhere for the holiday, last times for eating and owning chametz may vary. Please contact Rabbi Lindsey if you have any questions about this.

Seders - Evenings of Wednesday, April 5th & Thursday, April, 6th

Seder Match

Do you have room for guests at your seder table? Would you like to be matched with a host for one of the sedarim? Email us at [email protected] and we will make you a match!

Passover Haggadah: The Feast of Freedom

Free digital haggadah: To download the haggadah as a PDF, click here.

Even More Pesach Resources!

RA resources, including links to many of the resources I included above, all in one convenient place!

JTS Commentary, videos, and more:

Rabbi Lindsey Healey-Pollack